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no, sorry.

Newgrounds is not a place for GMod videos... try youtube.

Connow responds:

Neither is claymation but you don't see me complaining :3

Truely epic.

Indeed the best flash ever because it was funny, AND from a Didly12.roflforum.net member!

Your you are worthy of the 1337 clock name.

firenova1295 responds:

Indeed I am.

You should have colaborated.

Im sorry but this was not good. If you want to make good flash then you should probably collaborate with me like you usually do. I voted 5 on this to help but seriously a quote from half life 2 should guide you in your movies:

"A refusal to collaborate is a refusal to grow".

didly12 responds:

o yes me collabing with you will make the same exact thing better. yes that will do it.

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Is that a letter or 2 numbers?

Pretty good.

But its to easy to cheat on.

Right click menu mean anything to you?

Really nice game.

Very well put together. It even matched the events partially of what really happened in the time of the presidential election.

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Good news for you,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8HFZW LJ1sU&feature=channel_page

We decided to use your beautiful work in that.

Good job. It really made the video the way we wanted it!

PianoFortress responds:

Sweet, thanks dude =D


We got something in common:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/211201

PlayTheGame responds:

I suppose we do. Wait were we talking about this or the dead bodies in our closets.

Oh Shit

Truely amazing!

I have never seen such an amazing peice of musical art! ROCK ON!

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Well its a good pic.

Not as good as your other ones, The sunset and trees look good, however your attempt at making it look "Romantic" did not work. With that the sunlight goes through the trees in a way that doesn't look realistic. But its still pretty good.

HeadMistressSeven responds:

It was a tiny little pic from a photo magazine, and the people were already in it, so I let them stay. I wonder if they made it.......


This art art is REALLY great. It shows lifes complexion and projects the image that life itself doesn't make any sense. Rarely does art from newgrounds do this in such a profound manner.

People find this review helpful!
HeadMistressSeven responds:

Thank you sir. I try very hard not to make any sense, and I feel this picture accurately portrays what's going through my mind all the time. :-)

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